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Tim is so knowledgeable of the Umpqua River and Winchester Bay! He is the most kid friendly guide ever! We have taken our daughter on Tim's boat since she was 3 years old. We have a great time fishing with him always. We enjoy it even more when Cole is out there working too. The father and son team are amazing . We trust them and recommend Winchester Bay Charters to our family and friends. We love fishing with Tim and Cole and fish or not it is always a good time!

~Madi Panapa

Customer for life!

My name is Jon Holder, I am currently a full time Marine Deputy Sheriff . If you are reading this it would infer that is because you are considering booking with Winchester Bay Charters. Let me assure you that Captain Tim is the very best in the business. He and his son Cole work together like a finely oiled machine. Captain Tim has an uncanny ability to to consistently put his clients on fish...even when noone else is fishing! He has a broad knowledge base of S. Oregon rivers and bays and the Pacific Ocean. He is as honest as the day is long...and I guarantee you, he will put out a 100% effort to put you on the fish and safely return you to port at the end of the day. I wouldn't endorse just anyone and put my professional reputation on the line. But with Winchester Bay Charters I know its zero risk to me, my company and my reputation, but don't take my word for it call em today, book a trip and see for yourself,you won't regret it!

~Capt. Jon Holder

MMC # 3754379

Code 7 Sport Fishing

I have been fishing with Tim and Cole for 5 years now. What I appreciate the most is he tries his best to make sure everyone on the boat catches fish. He just does not give up! He is concerned about the safety of his passengers also and stays updated with current and changing weather conditions. Staying in contact with his customers even the morning of the trip so that everyone knows what to expect. He knows every trick in the book! 

Not only will they take you fishing but unlike some guides he is very willing to share his knowledge and where he is fishing  with his customers on the boat and any other guides and fisherman out on the water!. Not many people would share that information and that means a lot ! He really is the best guide!

~Siaosi Panapa


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