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All Trips include:

Every time you venture out with Winchesterbay Charters you will be provided with the following:

1)  All fishing gear that you will need including rods, reels, tackle and bait

2) All safety equipment including life jackets for anglers of all ages

3) We clean your catch and get it placed into zip lock bags  

      ** We do not do this for the tuna

     ** Crab are also kept whole you can have them cleaned and cooked at the cannery for an                additional charge or make sure that you have a cooler to bring them home in

4) Water is the only beverage that we provide on the boat

What you need to bring:

The following items are things that you will need to have as well as things that you may want to bring:

1) Your license and tags for all anglers in your party

2) Rain gear and warm clothes remember we are fishing in Oregon and the weather is not predictable so be sure to bring what you may need there is always storage on the boat to place it if you do not need it

3) Anything you would like to eat or drink, there is room for a small cooler and we do allow alcohol as long as you are over the age of 21.

4) A way to transport your catch home this is important if you are taking whole crab or tuna home make sure you have a cooler in your vehicle for the way home!

Optional items you may want to bring:

1) Camera to take pictures of your trip we do try and make sure to get a few pictures during and after but that in no promise as sometimes we are to busy!

2) Sunscreen if it looks like the sun will be out

3) If you are one that gets motion sickness or are unsure make sure that you prepare for the waters.


The fine Print:

1) We charge a deposit of up to half your trip to hold your seat on the boat. This deposit will come out of the cost of the trip.

2)We will refund your deposit if for some reason we are not able to accommodate you on our boat, and there is no chance of rescheduling or getting you on another boat.

3)We will refund you if you give us 72 hours notice that you are not going to make it.

4) If you do not show up or call last minute you will be charged the balance of the trip. Failure to pay this is considered theft of services.

5)Plan of being ON TIME! If you are more than 5 minutes late you will be charged the cost of your trip. Failure to do this is considered theft of services.

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