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                        Coho and Chinook Salmon
                              $200.00 per person
                  Current Limit 2 salmon per person


There are 2 types of Salmon that are caught in the coastal and river waters of Oregon those are Coho and Chinook. 

Coho or Silver while the smaller salmon, weghing 10-20 pounds, tend to be the more active catch a lot of times jumping out of the water before they hopefully make it into the net.

Chinook or Kings are the larger of the Salmon on average weighing 20-40 pounds they like to stay deep so they put up a good fight


$50.00 if added with a fishing trip  $100  if you just want to crab
                                Current Limit is 12 per person

Crabbing off of the Oregon Coast can be very good! These crab are usually stuffed full of meat and taste great cooked that day!

We can do the crab trip as an add on to your fishing trip or we can take a group out just to check the crab pots. We will always let you know if the crabbing is any good and try to send you home with your limits!



               $150.00 per person

      Current limit is 15 per person

Perch are fun fishing for young and old alike. It is not unheard of to catch 90+ in less than an hour.  As your pole bends you never know if you have one or two fish taking your line!

               Ling Cod/Rock Fishing
                   $200.00 per person
Current limit 2 ling cod and 5 rock fish


When we are chasing the ling cod we are heading out to the deep water! We will first head out to try and get the ling cod, once we hopefully get limits of those we will then try and catch the rock fish. This can be black bass, sea bass, tiger rock and vermillion!

You fish with multiple hooks and you never know what amazing fish you are going to pull from the deep!!

Long leader Rock Fish
$200.00 half day


Long line rock fishing is done way down deep! This fishery can be crazy busy! You have 3 hooks 30 feet off the bottom of the ocean targeting those fish! You feel the tug on your pole and then the excitement of not knowing what you will bring up!

Current Oregon limit is 10 per person.


              400.00 per person
       Current limit is 25 per person


When the Tuna are close and the Ocean is calm we are more than happy to head out to chase this big boys!! We use both hand lines and rod and reel to pull in as many of these fish as possible. 

We take 3-6 people out at a time for these day trips. 

This is a trip that we suggest that you wear clothing that you don't really care about as when you are in a pod of fish things get a little crazy and blood tends to get everywhere!


$375 per person
Limit one per day


The ODFW gives us certain days each year to go and catch Halibut. We head out into the deep water to try for these bad boys.

These are all day trips or until the boat limits out (this has been known to happen  and you are back at the dock before lunch!)

For each season we will post the halibut dates as soon as we get them. Usually it is May and June.


                                                            Please note that all fisheries are seasonal.

*Winter Steelhead/Spring Chinook are done between November and March depending when the fish are in the river.

* Ling cod /Rock Fish starts in January and is good through July (you can fish for them in the later months but usually that is when we are focused on salmon and Tuna.)

*Perch is usually in May-early July

*Halibut depends on the ODFW and is usually may and june

*Tuna is summer when they are close to shore there is no "season" .

*Salmon is June-October. We Fish the Ocean in the early season then the river in the later season.

*Long Line Rock fish is April - end of year as long as the ocean is good (and the quota is available)

The one thing you will always get is an honest fishing report. We are more than happy to take anglers anytime (weather permitting of course) but you will know what the catching has been like. And this does change day by day! Fishing is not a guaranteed catch but we will do our best to try and send you home with fish!

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